SHIFT, 3:00, 2013

Yuge Zhou is an artist from Beijing, China and currently living in Chicago, IL. He's practice ranges across video art and photography.
Seven years ago, I left my hometown and began my journey in America. I became deeply intrigued by the dynamics and interplay of the built and natural environment here. With the camera expanding what I see, I attempt to capture another dimension, an enormous internal world to which we all have access, and most visible at the moment where the representational turns into abstraction. My work aims both to suggest what that state of mind would be, and to serve as a device to stimulate my viewers into that state of mind.

IThis video is about a seemingly mundane moment from the busy urban life, and how this simple and familiar visual scenario can be reproduced and transformed into greater complexity. By working with digital technology, I use my work to celebrate aspects of the build environment, to examine and display it.