Anatolia , 2:18, 2006

Sinasi Gunes was born in 1968 and lives & works in Istanbul. Having completed his Master at Marmara University, Fine Art Faculty, Department of Painting in 1992, he works across different disciplines such as installation, painting, video art, mail art, street art, sculpture and photography. He exhibits his works internationally, nationally, and in regional museums and galleries. He also curated the Audio-Video Art Festival "Obsession" in 2005 and  “Visitors” International  Video Art Activity in 2010.
He has published a variety of books such as “Cruises”, “New York and Cheving gum”, “Street art”.

In the video-work Anatolia, acts of covering and wrapping are not personalised. Cultural layers of the past do not reach as far as the cultural diversity of the region of Anatolia. The covering of the model here is gestural. However, different social roles are questioned to point to the feminine in this work. The concept for the video-work refers to the issues of taboo and privacy in addition to the cultural diversity of Anatolia itself.
The feminine role which appears in social performances in society is overlapping with the covering of the model in the film. For example: employed woman, woman in the home, the woman next to her husband etc. They show the psychology of regional wrapping. The film emphasis not only social strangulation but also that women have been converted into cultural objects. Especially, woman’s freedom…
In addition to being related to the region of Anatolia, it is a visual feast on on the diversity of traditions.