The Hardest Walk to Be, to See, 4:56, 2008

Michel Ducerveau is a European contemporary artist whose multifaceted practice encom-
passes video, painting, drawing, performance, photography and installation. Since his education in Paris, he has participated in several collective exhibitions and festivals around the world. He has also organized a short
series of no-budget events "Together, we can create temporarily another system" (exhibitions, performances, video screenings, lectures and panels), a concept gallery - the “Displaced Gallery / Galerie
Déplacée”, and is a founding member of High Life Low Fidelity where the contempo-
rary poetry meets the
experimental music and the contemporary art.

It's like with Jastrow's duck-rabbit illusion that was analysed by Ludwig Wittgenstein in "Philosophical Investigations". You can see this video or as resulting from psychoanalysis of the proposition "The hardest walk is the walk to be, to see" which is supposed to be heard in a song from the repertoire of The Jesus and Mary Chain (a Scottish alternative rock band). Or as a political, or maybe "surpolitical" metaphor of ducks as obsessively present forces in our societies. Just like in a sick dream. This conceptual music video is part of the "In Search of the Hidden Sense" project that was created with the following idea: apply some highly developed methods of interpretation to some pop-cultural phenomena, such as song, and try to find some sense behind it while developing it into a video.