MARTA IVANOVA (b 1991,Russia)
Currently lives and studies in Vilnius, Lithuania.
2003-10 National M.K.Čiurlionis Art School, sculpture specialty.
2010-2014 Vilnius Academy of Art, (BA) Photography and Media Art Department.
Marta Ivanova is an interdisci-
plinary artist. Her creative field is like an ocean of feelings, which is emotional, vast and constantly alive, as “in some places a swaying lyric, shortness of air, and in other places, beating of waves”. Artist constantly experienced high and low tides had “rinsed” the boundaries between art and life: in Marta’s creative work stories, language of the routine, active moments of personal, marginal and self-acting experiences, narrative, and objectivity all act, being visually told through the artist’s body and physical surroundings.

LIPS consists of two parts. In both videos I use video as a tool creating an intermediate
situation/layer between make up and black eye; between tenderness and violence. First part of screening is more meditative, as a referral to the painting process used as labia correction through the shadowing system. It speaks of virginity and hymen repair. Second part of screening refers to the subliminal aspect of make-up that “Sexually excited, healthy and suitable for reproduction women are often depicted with red lips”,”… such as facial flushing show –man’s guilt, and a woman’s-virtue." All in all the object of desire turns into red spot as a warning sign or symbol.

"Neckties" consists of display of various scanned neckties. Neckties set reminds of the (Y)
incomplete human chromo-
somes set and are strong as the objects themselves concerning the symbols of male identity.
The second component is a
projection of another detail of
a necktie.
In shrinking and releasing move the author ironically observes masculine masturbation moves.
With both components author exposes a necktie as a symbol and deconstructs its connota-
tion with irony that demolishes the forced male dominance system.
Marta Ivanova raises questions of female identity and rethinks the social constructs surroun-
ding the contraposition and resound of female and male
genders. Author speaks from her own aesthetic point of view
and mercilessly exposes this distorted image by sharply analyzing her personal experiences.

LIPS, part I, 1:22, 2012
LIPS, part II, 1:02, 2013
Nekties, 3:18, 2012