One Image After Another, 0:35, 20134

Images and animation produced using the programming language Processing. Experimenting with text to speech. Text as follows: It’s just a bunch of color. One image after another. It’s a bunch of data. And it doesn’t really matter.But it might. Because my eyes… are just looking at…Screen after screen…Of this. And it all moves so fast. And it doesn’t really last. And it digs a hole. In my attention span. And that hole keeps getting deeper. And I feel closer and closer to some kind of terminal velocity. I’m becoming someone else. I’m becoming no one and every one at once.

Justin Lincoln is an experimental artist and educator. He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (BFA 2000) and CalArts (MFA 2002.) He teaches New Genres & Digital Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. Justin is a prolific presence online and his work shows extensively in international exhibitions and screenings. For the last few years he has been making generative art using video, the micro-blogging platform Tumblr, and the
programming languages Processing and MaxMSP/Jitter. He is fascinated by the feedback loops and mediation created between people and their networked online tools.