Selfie board on, 2:19, 2014

Now, since the term "selfie" causes a din with blissfull mouthes on appropriate smiles, this is  a “selfie” with closed mouth, hearing the flies bumblebee. A sterile gauze obstructs the webcam peephole, and distorts the  features and retreats of this silent and impassive face.

Camille Escudero lives and works in   Brussels.
Video practice has broken by a truant way, with a ciné-conert-performance , to flee from the visual overstatement of our little Western modernity. To take again the sensitive way of the eye: where does it  choose to linger and to break global flow?  To go out  from the  vicious cycle : to own an image, to be owned by an image.
The eye was here, the vision too: obvious and immediate. Democratization of  video tools ( capture, editing, distribution) has made the back to a fairground and “handy” videographic practice possible.