Catharsis, 3:47, 2014

With the point of a pencil, the line is marking in the space of a sheet of paper. Its contact will generate a handwriting with rhythm, fast and determined. Daring but fearful, sincere but nostalgic. Four individuals and their pencil reach a catharsis, preparing a letter for an absent reader and releasing all kinds of memories. Contained in a video, each crumpled sheet that is observed, becomes unreadable, and then begin a process of transformation. Slowly, the fire consumes the sign of catharsis: destroyed and simultaneously purified, memories translated into lines are offered as simple ashes.

Barbara Oettingher Searle (Santiago, 1981) has a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Chile and a Master of Arts degree from the Catholic University of Chile. She has participated in various exhibitions at the Museum of Visual Arts (MAVI), Museum of Contemporary Art of Quinta Normal (MAC), CTA Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina; BECH Gallery, Cultural Center Cerro Carcel in Valparaiso Chile, Kavlin Cultural Center in Punta del Este, Uruguay, CAP Foundation Room (Pinacoteca) in Concepcion, Chile, among others.
At the same time  her work has been published in magazines, books and art catalogs (nacional and International) like Pheriperal Art-eries “Young contemporary art review”; "Show Room", emerging artists, F-Stop Magazine Latin American Issue; 10x15 international journal, "I love cachai", among others.
Currently she is a member of The Tremendous Family, Texas and Verve Illustrator & Photographer Agency, Jakarta, Indonesia.