Mirror of my soul,
2012, 3:52

The idea of the work that I do is about blending several separate parts into one. The concept is composed of drawings, photos and video. Each part is unique for itself. Video achieves a thematic unity that is the essential characteristic of this art work. I assume that in this work the video has the concrete artistic value and the ability to specifically show one particular relationship between mind and body, and spirit and the world.
I was wondering how could I turn something static (as my drawings are) into something dynamic what further led me to start thinking about video work. In the best way I could imagine, that way of expression presented the core of the concept in my work, actually presented my very own being. I agitated my drawings getting the wanting guess of myself in one specific moment.
This video gave me the right solution how to express the illusion of reality, something that is core of us, as beings, the variability that everybody carry inside.
By exposing myself to the other world, I’m exposing the deepest parts of my inner world along with the process of searching the truth about myself. On the other hand, I’m giving a chance to myself to interface outer as much as my inner world.
Imagination, emotions and spiritual creation are those who lead me through my work. The words then became useless and empty, drawings, paintings and video are tellers of the story that I am speaking through my work. They excite some unique feelings that are specific to the observer itself.

Melinda Šefcic born in Subotica, R. Serbia in 1986. Lives and Works in Zagreb, Croatia. Is Master Degree and an PhD student in Zagreb, Croatia by Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Works and exibits as on painter and video art regularly since 2006. Major exhibitions / events:
Festival Miden, Soirée de Votanique, Athens, Greece, 2012.; Liquid Identities, International Video Art Festival and Photo Exhibition,Venice Italy, 2012.; Belgrade Art Teasers, Art Base festival, Beograd, R. Srbija; NUS, International festival of contemporary art, Multimedia Cultural Centre, Split, Croatia, 2013.

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