Wake Up from the Drift,
2012, 4:13

The humanity wakes up from a long sleep and it found itself adrift: its house doesn't have foundations anymore and vague on the world, in damage, in the eye of the cyclone, dragged by thousand winds. Any place in the world is no more its place, the relationship with the earth irrecoverably seems cracked, meanwhile the decline of the society proceeds, blind, and people keep on racing a senseless run, in the darkest void, without someone knows more from where it comes and where is going. An endless noise winds the condition to which the man seems to be condemned. this video is a metaphor of my interpretation of the actual humanity's condition.

Lino Strangis born in Lamezia Terme, Italy in 1981. Lives and Works in Rome, Italy. PHD in philosophy (address aesthetics) La Sapienza University, Roma. Works on media art regularly since (year) 2006. Major exhibitions / events:
Peronal show “Passaggi di Stato” at MLAC (Museo Laboratorio di Arte contemporanea) 2005; “Generazioni romane in Videoarte, MACRO- Museo di Arte Contemporanea Roma 2010; ”Latest trend of western videoart”, White Box Museum of Art, Pechino; 13 Biennale del mediterraneo, MACRO, Roma.

Aleksandra Godlewska
Ana B. / Nuno M. Pereira
Céline Trouillet
David Etxeberria
Daniella Orlev
Francesca Fini
Francesca Leoni
Francesca Lolli
Inês Bonhoorst & Yuri Pirondi
Jacob Tonski
Jean Michel Rolland
Jenn Mogilevskaya
Khalil Charif
Laura Focarazzo
Leonid Dutov
Lino Strangis
Melinda Sefcic
Sávio Leite
Silvio de Gracia