The Guise, 2012, 5:00

“The Guise” is a piece inspired by the allegory of Plato's cave, a story that in one way or another essentially describes the human condition. In this allegorical tale people just like us are imprisoned from birth in a cave. They are attached to that life and they are afraid to change. The chains made these human beings completely bind to themselves and to their lives.
In “The Guise” we try to represent the city of London as the cave and the elastics that are attached to the performer are the chains. In the second part of the film the dancer is attached to a tree, which represents the roots that suspend us and make us what we are.

Ines von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi born in Lisboa & Modena, Portugal / Italy in 1981 / 1984. Live and work in London. Graduate in Conducting Film & Television / Photography at Westminister University (London) & Belle Arti Venturi (Modena). Exhibits works at the level of media, video art, performances, short and feature films regularly since 2003. Major exhibitions / events highlight:
Apolagetics/Londres/Barbican/UK/2010; Mnemonic City/Madrid/Espacio Islandia /UK/
2012;(Proyector art festival); Bestial Room/Londres/Sadler’s Wells/UK/2012 Theater; Megalopolis/Londres/Under the Dust Studios/UK/2012.

Aleksandra Godlewska
Ana B. / Nuno M. Pereira
Céline Trouillet
David Etxeberria
Daniella Orlev
Francesca Fini
Francesca Leoni
Francesca Lolli
Inês Bonhoorst & Yuri Pirondi
Jacob Tonski
Jean Michel Rolland
Jenn Mogilevskaya
Khalil Charif
Laura Focarazzo
Leonid Dutov
Lino Strangis
Melinda Sefcic
Sávio Leite
Silvio de Gracia