Come fly with me, 2013, 1:32

The video presented here, “come fly with me”, comes from two primary references, one of them is the one that gives him his title, that is, the Broadway musical originally titled “come fly away” whose songs were interpreted by Frank Sinatra backed by 18 musicians and arranged and produced by Dave Pierce. The second reference, of a literary order and more direct, comes from a Portuguese writer – José Saramago – and his fictional story “The Stone Raft”. The immortal work of Saramago whose narrative lies in the sudden geographical separation of the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe, getting it to sail adrift without identify or any cultural, social or economic connection with the rest of the European territory

David Etxeberria born in San Sebastian (Euskadi – Spain), lives and Works in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). Graduated in Visual Arts from the Escola Superior de Arte e Design (ESAD) of the Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Higher School of Art and Design of the Leiria Polytechnic), Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in 2004.
Master’s degree in Contemporary Culture and New Technologies at the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – New University of Lisbon), under the guidance of Prof. Dr. António Fernando Cascais, Portugal.
Attending the PhD in History, Philosophy & Heritage of Science and Philosophy with the thesis “Contemporary Art In a Test Tube: A Reflection on Ethical Responsibility”, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Palmira Fontes da Costa.
Visual Art‘s Lecturer at Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Escola Superior de Arte e Design (ESAD.Cr) School of Arts and Design of the Leiria Polytechnic, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, since 2008. Research Associated member of the Research Centre in Policies and Education Systems – CIPSE/IPLeiria.
Between Document and Fiction 2, Curated By José Carlos Teixeira, Union South The Marquee Theatre, Madison, USA, 2013; Camcloser, Galeria da Estação PT-BlueStation, curated by André Gonzaga, Lisbon, 2012; L’Entre images, ciclo de Vídeo arte (David Etxeberria | Pedro Cabral Santo), Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, curated by Orlando Franco | Susana Anágua, Cartaxo, 2012; Projecto Interferências, curated by P28, Palacete dos Viscondes Balsemão, Porto, 2012; Festival Magmart, CCAM – Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, curated By José Vieira, Naples (Italy), 2012; GoPro Vídeos, sponsor Ambarella, CES 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).

Aleksandra Godlewska
Ana B. / Nuno M. Pereira
Céline Trouillet
David Etxeberria
Daniella Orlev
Francesca Fini
Francesca Leoni
Francesca Lolli
Inês Bonhoorst & Yuri Pirondi
Jacob Tonski
Jean Michel Rolland
Jenn Mogilevskaya
Khalil Charif
Laura Focarazzo
Leonid Dutov
Lino Strangis
Melinda Sefcic
Sávio Leite
Silvio de Gracia