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The One Who See's All, 2013-15
Photography, colour, 3600 x 2340 pxl

The room was covered with delicate red carpets and long bordeaux cloths, giving the room a luxurious aspect.
In the center of the room was a man sitting in the gloom. His face was hidden behind a huge crystal ball. He asked him to sit down at a table where he himself he's sitted.
At the sound of his word, the ball lits up.
Rompeschiena plunged his face into this ball and could only see his own reflection.
"In front of a work of art, the public sees what they can see, not what the artist wants them to see," said the Master."Here all the asymmetries reside: the artist wants to be understood, the public wants to understand. However, they both speak different languages. Which means, that both have to learn the language of each other so that there can be the minimum of understanding. Both have to undergo a transformation. "
Rompeschiena did not quite understand the scope of the master's words. But they seemed to make sense. He asked him if he taught him his art.
This is how Rompeschiena became an apprentice of the mastery of the (hidden) arts.