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Infinity Glass (from Alchemical Instruments), 2017-18
Photography, colour, 4720 x 3115 pxl

After a few years alone in that end-of-the-world place, the Tide Master decided to start the way home. He set up a large suitcase, something worn and impoverished by time, and placed inside it some of his favorite objects of communication: an hourglass and a pendulum, several bottles containing different substances, a map. He had traversed almost the entire earth to discover those important objects. But he had finally "hidden" himself in that place, far from the hubbub of cities and men.
Curiously, Du had awakened in himself a new desire to know the world, and especially a great desire to return to the place where it all began.
Now, with his instruments, he could return and perhaps find some of the long-awaited answers from harsh times.

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