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The Great Builder, 2013
Video, color, sound, H264 1080p, 1:38

Rompeschiena walks along a winding road that rises in a small town. Everywhere, a poster announces the arrival of a magician, the savior of humanity. Prophesier of the Great World. Of the great change.
Rompeschiena finds a strange pyramidal building by the side of the road. Curious, he decides to enter the building. Maybe there you'll find the answers you're looking for.
It's dark inside. To one corner, a disfigured character erects a house of cards, and then undoes it. Like the great builder, who is man himself, who monstrously destroys what he builds, and then rebuilds, in a continuous and eternal cycle. A builder of fragile lives, who delicately builds, piece by piece, the life of each of us.
The man, ignoring his presence, continues to make and undo the house of cards.