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Fortune Teller, 2015
9 Tarot Cards, each 10 x 6 cm

Visiting a strange city, Rompeschiena enters a small bar to refresh himself from a long journey. In the background, on one of the walls, an image announces one of those healers who heal everything through prayers and magic potions.
A girl in a gypsy costume sits at hes table. Ask him if he does not want her to read him the sign. She begins to spread her tarot cards around a pentagram that she hastily draws in chalk on the table. Rompeschiena stares at the gypsy woman and then at the table, where he notices a inverted pentagram. At that moment he feels a shiver and the candle that illuminates his table goes off with a sudden breeze. In the darkness, the gypsy woman points to the image of the wall. "Talk to him," she says. She got up and left the establishment.
Then the servant approached. He lights up the candle and asked him what he wanted to drink.