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Cristal Ball, 2015
Video, color, sound, H264 720 x 576 pxl, 2:13

"The first lesson for true transformation is to destroy all the ties of the past that stops the evolution. Whole transformation implies some loss", said the Master.
The crystal ball lits up and Rompeschiena saw a luminous character that was then set on fire.
It is your own past that the master gives you to see in he's crystal ball. It is through the past and its manifestations that the artist can evolve into the work of the present.
Determined to forget his past and the memory of this floating being, which in the distance in the unconscious still "floats", Rompeschiena withdraws from worldly life, taking refuge in a hut by the sea. Near a cliff, a leafy tree, watches over the slow transformation of Rompeschiena into the mystic "Master of the Tides."
... And a new day begins ...