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Under the Cosmic Tree, 2018
Photography, colour, 3400 x 3400 pxl

After much walking around that land, Rompeschiena returns to where he was born. To that tree by the river.
It sits under the tree, whose branches converge to the ground. There is a small bottle of glass in his hands. Rompeschiena looks at her closely.
The tree sets in the background, gives you shelter, protect you, while the waters flow downstream. The tree mirrors itself in the water in root, converging its canopy on the water. In an eternal cycle of rejuvenation.
Beside it, the water of the river continues its uninterrupted course. In an infinite time run.
In your hands, the water remains quiet in its ampoules. The glass bubble contains two compartments: at the bottom, the water of the see. In the other the river.
Rompeschiena keeps them separated in the glass ampule, and in it contains the secret of the movement of life.