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The Awakening, 2017
Video, color, sound, H264 720p, 0:57

Rompeschiena lies down against a tree. Underneath his shadow, he is wondering why he is there. How it had stopped there. How he had simply awakened in that place.
He vaguely remembers floating in a river and waking up. Swim to the shore and rest there. He has a transformative mission, but he has no idea what awaits him.
It has in it a deep desire to transform the world through actions of the spirit.
He feels, however, a ghost deep inside himself, a figure asleep and forgotten. With disturbing aspect. He sits at a table surrounded by 4 figures like himself. They seem to talk to each other, discussing something to which he is concerned. A secret they exchange only between them. Slowly, the scene moves away, plunging into the depth of the river.