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4 Elements, 2017
Video, color, sound, H264 720p, 9:14

The day was calm. The sea barely moved.
In the distance, Rompeschiena watched a young couple who had fun bathing and taking pictures of each other. At one point, the boy was alone. There was a black feather of a seagull in one hand. He looked sad.
In the distance, the boy contemplated Rompeschiena up on the cliff.
This one visited him. He said to call himself Du and to need the help of the "master" to cure himself of a lack of love.
Rompeschiena agreed to help him.
He invited Du into the hut. They sat facing each other at a table.
Rompeschiena told him that he would have to do the ritual of the four elements in order to be able to recover from the lost love.
Following instructions from Rompeschiena, Du performed the ritual under the watchful eye of the Master. This consisted of 4 stages:
In the first - the air -, Mister Du sticks a bag over his head until he feels suffocating. Symbolizing the awareness of everything that disturbs us makes her sick to the heart. After a few seconds, Du breaks the bag and removes it from the head.
In the second - the fire - Du burns the letters and photographs of his past with the lost beloved.
On the third, Du applies a mixture of earth, ash and salt on his face in the sense of fertilizing-preserving-transforming his identity. To be reborn, deep down, from within.
In the last ritual - the water - Du washes his face and chest, in the sense of purifying his spirit, his soul and facing the future reborn.
After the ritual, and thanking the Master of the Tides, Du retires walking towards the sea, where he would sail through other tides.