Barry Smylie (Cnd)
Ben Clarkson (Cnd)
Fakeshop (USA)
Jing Zhou (Chn) (Twn)
Luigia Cardarelli (It)
Manusamo & Bzika (Es)
Peter Whittenberger (USA)

01. Avian Flu by Manusamo & Bzika (Es/Sk(, 2013

Web application we use as a GameArt -Web .
This application is the paradox where we take the media in relation to avian influenza, scaring the population. Saying, aaahhhh care coming Avian Flu? . The compared to the Spanish flu of 1918, when it actually comes to be very similar to the normal flu virus that initially has to mutate to affect humans . Actually exists a number of pharmaceutical companies that want to promote  the sale of mayor number of vaccines. Using a fear and panic is the only way that the vaccines can be sold en masse through the states , and had come to increase sales by over 250%.
For more ironic designs have chosen the design made by a child under 5 years and we have transformed it into 3d characters .
The work is in a beta version ,so currently only has one level. The game itself is developed upside down than expected, the player is not a chicken that has to escape the virus, but a virus has to infect chickens, and if it infects all chickens, it wins.