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Wolf sheet by Barry Smylie (Cnd), 2013

I've heard some intellectual talk about the reduced value of the landscape in Canadian culture in this era when most people live in cities. When my cousin, Randy Hoffner, and I had just graduated from university; he as a cartographer and me as an... artist or not.

From the middle of August until now I have been suffering a complete breakdown in my confidence.  Since I graduated from University Art College my fellow students, the conceptualist art students (1969) who are along with their own students, have become the chief art bureaucrats in Canada.  Those government funded, institutionally paid, public gallery, idea artists have called me a “not an artist” because I work in traditional mediums and outside the framework of what is considered to be internationally, governmentally condoned conceptual art.  The blog from August 5 until September 19 is a record of my thinking and suffering as this loss of faith and desire to make “not art” occurred to me.