48073 (Nl)
Ândrea Inocêncio (Pt)

Céline Troulliet (Fr)
Cristina Pavesi (It)
David R Burns (USA)
Fabian Gilles (Mx)

Gruppo Sinestético (It)
Jean Michel Rolland (Fr)
Leonid Dutov (Ru)
Viviane Vallades (Br)

Untitled, byLeonid Dutov (Ru), 2013

The video features an excerpt from a song called “All the toys are tired and asleep” (composer Arkadiy Ostrovskiy, text by Zoya Petrova, performed by Oleg Anofriev):

All the toys and books are tired and asleep,
Little fellows are expected to sleep deep.
Fairy tale is going to bed
So that we could shortly meet it,
Wish it nighty night…

The song has been accompanying the most important and the only one everyday evening TV show “Nighty night, little ones” for younger audience since 1964, and it used to be broadcast all over the Soviet Union. Today, the TV program is still on air in Russia, and the song is undoubtedly a landmark for all those in their thirties who were born in the USSR.