When I speak of activities and contexts that don’t suggest art, I don’t mean that an event like brushing my teeth each morning is chosen and then set into a conventional art context, as Duchamp and many others since him have done. That strategy, by which an art-identifying frame (such as a gallery or theater) confers “art value” or “art discourse” on some nonart object, idea, or event, was, in Duchamp’s initial move, sharply ironic. It forced into confrontation a whole bundle of sacred assumptions about creativity, professional skill, individuality, spirituality, modernism, and the presumed value and function of high art itself. Alan Kaprow, “Art Which Can’t Be Art”(1986)

The WAC - Web Art Center, is planning a Non Biennale, an event focused on non-artistic images according to the definition of Alan Kaprow’s Not-Art.
New Opening: October 28 2011

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New Opening: October 28 2011