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SILVIA DE GENNARO (It), Travel Notebooks:Barcelona, Spain, 2:11, 2015

"Barcelona" is part of a series of works titled "Travel Notebooks".
In this project the videos are like carillons and puzzles, that try to show the essence of a town in its manifold aspects and its motion. At the same time, they want to describe the emotional and cognitive process that takes place in the traveller mind.
Barcelona is a big theatre. On the backdrop, buildings made with bizarre curves move together with the clouds in a bright blue. Futuristic  towers and spires of wet sand slid off the hands contend for the top of the sky. While the sea and the streets beat the life rhythm, everyone feels as an actor of a special day.

Silvia De Gennaro born in Chianciano Terme (SI), Italy in 1961. Lives and Works in Rome/Italy. Exhibits video art regularly since 2000.
Major exhibitions / events: "File - Electronic Language International Festival", São Paulo, Brazil,2016; "Athens Digital Arts Festival", Athens, Greece, 2016; "Festival Internacional De La Imagen", Manizales, Colombia, 2016; "Video Formes 2016", Clermont Ferrand, France, 2016