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ISABEL PÉREZ DEL PULGAR / JOSÉ CRUZIO (Es/Pt), (Self)Insertions / Alteridad, 3:19, 2016/17

The self - as the deeper representation of itself - and the intense desire to permeate itself in the expression and language of the Other as another extemporaneous vision of itself inflames the project [self] Insertions.
Not a simple addition but another particular approach to the potential of self - artist | performer - as an integral part of the work of the Other and his world. Video and sound, where feasible and feasible, will be the most prominent media and will be combined in a new work. "

Conception and general idea of the project: José Crúzio
Collaboration in image capture: Paulo Matos
Realization, argument and editing: Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
Performer: José Crúzio
Sound: Conference: Breaking the Cycle of Violent Conflict with Johan Galtung & Archives Freesound. org

2016 (©) Isabel Pérez del Pulgar / José Crúzio

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar Graduated in Geography and in Art Art History at the University of Granada. Studied color theory, painting, drawing, printmaking, digital art and design at the School of Arts of Granada.
In 2007, starting to work with the video media, a way to combine movements, sounds and pictorial visions. Video works are conceived as a continuous fresh, divided into series and stand-alone projects. However, conceptually, it is an introspective look at human beings and the feminine nature. Pictorial moving visions as new realities, mirrors which reflect a subjective image. Subjectivity dependent of the individual perception, the fragile and ephemeral nature of the organizational structure that builds the body and establishes communication directly with consciousness. The body subjected to contradictory and conflicting tensions between a constructed reality that as a productive and consumptive and conscience and belief which is as a human being is related to the environment. The idea of identity, the idea of the mirror as a metaphor for the duality and eternal question. Awareness and knowledge, both consciously and unconsciously, the finitude, the decay ....

- 2016 / 2º premio / 2º Bienal Internacional de Videoarte y Animación (VEA) Puebla - México
- 2016 / Prefinalista DISCOVERY Award - LOOP Barcelona 
- 2016 / Finalista en LUMÍNICO INTERNACIONAL . México
- 2014 / Premio Especial del Jurado MADATAC 06
- 2014 / Mención de Honor 1ª Bienal de Videoarte y Animación, VEA. Puebla (México)
- 2013 / Premio Bop Decameron: curatore di Bop Decameron Marco Bazzini, Direttore Artistico del Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci di Prato. Certaldo, Florencia

José Crúzio (b. 1975) lives in Viseu and Coimbra. He graduated in Fine Arts and Painting, and has a one-year post-graduate master degree in Contemporary Artistic Creation at the University of Aveiro.
At present, he works as a teacher of Visual Arts and as an artist. Since 1998 he has attended many photography, video and video-art workshops; he worked as a scene photographer in various collective scenic-performative art groups and as photojournalist in the 2012 Ephemeral Gardens, among other events.
He participated as an artist in the International Biennials of Vila Nova de Cerveira, Douro / Alijó and Porto Santo, in the World Triennial of Chamalieres (FR), Miniprint of Cadaqués (ES) and at several events, such as the Ephemeral Gardens in Viseu (PT).
Currently, he is also working in multidisciplinary teams in media arts.