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GAETANO MARIA MASTROCINQUE (Fr), Argille, 5:45, 2015

This is the story of two extremes, two opposites of the same spectrum: man and woman, black and white.
It develops through different steps: the awakening - the encounter - the metamorphosis - the cross- contamination - the first breath.
Despite potential dangers, the two extremes are drawn towards each other because of a natural curiosity towards the unknown.
From above one sences a omniscent narrator pulling on the gravitational strings of celestial bodies spiraling towards each other.

Gaetano Maria Mastrocinque born in Arezzo (Italy) in 1990
Lives and Works in Milan / Italy. Has Degree in Sociology and social politics by University in Florence “Cesare Alfieri”. Currently he is concluding his cinema studies in “Civica Scuola di Cinema – Luchino Visconti accademy” in Milan.

“Argille” has been hosted in:
1 Mostra Invideo – Milano (Italy) – 2016
2 HearteartH Berlin Milan (Germany and Italy) 2016

“Argille” was also a video-installation in the “Visconteo Castle” of Abbiategrasso (MI) – Italy during the hole month of Decembre in 2016, during the show entitled “THE MOVE” directed by Massimo Costantini.