VIBEKE BERTELSEN (Dn), GoogleScape, 2010

Created by Vibeke Bertelsen (aka. Udart) and with music by Zack Christ "Valley Of Uncanny #01" is an interactive animation that explores the relationship between visual and musical rhythms, glitches and distortions.
The title refers to the point at which a person observing the creature or object in question sees something that is nearly human, but just enough off-kilter to seem eerie or disquieting. The the term “The Uncanny Valley” was first developed in the 1970s by japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori to describe the profoundly unsettling sense of the non-human in human-like figures.

Vibeke Bertelsen born in Denmark in 1975. Lives and Works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Is Master Of Arts in Information Science by Aarhus University.
Major exhibitions / events: Madatac #6, Madrid, Spain, 2014; Robot Festival, Bologna, Italy, 2014

Alinta Krauth
Daniel Von
Ewa Doroszensko
Frederic Daubagna
Osvaldo Cibils / Florella Alberti
Sarah Janssen
Vibeke Bertelsen