NYX10110 (Mx), Náufragos, 2012-13 (series)

I find on the beach these creatures that are like shipwrecked that arrive on the coast to a deserted island. How come? I located them floating or stranded in the sand. I go to the rescue ... Have they lost all sense of time? It may not survive.
You never know who will bring the new tide. Sometimes trash, sometimes treasures. Plastic packaging and waste polluting the ocean floor, causing the death of many animals and make the beaches in a landfill. Life is also like the sea. Drag things, comes and goes. A sea of treasures that are not only gold coins ... Jellyfish, pelagic mollusks, shells ...
Creatures that emerge, arise, they surface.

Monserrat Rodriguez aka nyx10110 was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1968. Lives and Works in Girona, Spain. Is Bachelor in Geography by University of Barcelona. Exhibits / work at the level of video art, video performances, photograpy and sound art regularly since 2011. Major exhibitions / events:
1. jäälphoto 2015, Madrid ,Spain; 2. Festival Oodaaq #4 Vidéo/Bars 2014, Rennes, France; 3. PROYECTOR13, Madrid, Spain; 4. Videoholica 2012&2013, Varna, Bulgaria

Benvinda Araújo
Carolina Rodriguez
Dan MacCormack
Danny Bittencourt
Erin Lee
Gilles Valée
Gracia Dubé
Guilherme Ferreira
Hanae Mura
Joeser Alvarez
Jonathan Johnson
José Luis de la Parra
Livia Auler
Marisol Maza
Paolo Vergnano
Pit Kinzer
Rita Ruivo
Ryota Matsumoto