MINKYUNG CHOI (SK), Perfect Picture 2014

Perfect Picture embraces the indeterminate form of play. I built a wooden wall constituted of multiple rotating panels (one side, chromakey green and the other side, black), then performed with the apparatus without knowing exactly what image to put on later. The overlaid images range from the icons of western modern art to the character of a genius female painter from a Japanese movie based on romance comics. This process not only encourages the creative possibilities of improvisation, but also disarms the ideological forces implicated in the iconic images. By suggesting a structure where images become interchangeable, I attempt to reexamine the power dynamics in the ideological frameworks of representation. The physicality of my body and the apparatus contrast with the virtuality of the flat overlaid digital images. Through this binary setup and also the overall humor in the performance, I question what is the perfect picture and what does it mean to desire one.

Minkyung Choi , was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1983. Lives and Works in Los Angeles / USA. Is Master degree in  2014, Visual Arts by California Institute of the Arts_. Works at the level of new media regularly since 2012. Major exhibitions / events: Solo show, <Dressing Room> at The Blue Cube Gallery, Ventura, California, USA, 2014; <Body, Body, Bodies...> as part of National Queer Art Festival at SOMArts, San Francisco, California, USA, 2014; FLEXFest, (Florida Experimental Video Festival), Florida, USA, 2015.

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