MICHAEL GADDINI (It), Face, 2015

The problem of unemployment is a major concern of governments around the world. Especially in a country like Italy that is facing one of the darkest periods. Data increasingly dramatic sweeping the peninsula and the truth is reflected on the face of the Italians. This situation not only "heavy" from the economic point of view, but also frustrating and humiliating the psychological point of view, because it puts the unemployed in a sort of inferiority which often leads to consider the individual unfit in the eyes of society.

Michael Gaddini, born in 1988, is immediately absorbed by the seventh art: intensive courses, and studies on the aesthetics of the image on film directing and screenplay, workshop on the role of operator and video-on editing video, film meetings on new technologies at Lucca, Pisa, Florence and Rome.

Adrian Regnier
Albino Guimarães
Alejandro Thornton
Alessandra Armenise
Alice Haraway
Anna Baranska
Anna Nat
Azul Petroleo
Christoph Oertli
Clara Aparicio Yoldi
Diego Fiori
Francesca Finni
Franck Perrot
François Knoetze
Iria Arriaga
Jacek Doroszenko
Jacob J. Podber
Janneke Meekes
Jennida Chase
Justin Lincoln
Konstantinos Rizos
La Intrusa
Lauren Franklin
Lea Vidakovic
Marcello Sahea
Margarita Novikova
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Michael Gaddini
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