MAX PASKINE (Fr), Abymes, 2015

This video is built from multiple screens nested within other screens, a kind of screen "inception", for disrupt information, to create some noise and confusion. The temporalities mix with each other, information becomes blurred. The viewer is then lost in the abyss of data processing information. It's just like a weird and sick macintosh screen, like a brain. It's about anxiety, paranoia, internet, information, noise, and confusion. 
Video and audio are of my own creation. The project is called "Abîmes", is like in the bible "Tehwom", or "Abyss" in english. If you want watch this video, is better in fullscreen.

Max Paskine work sound and visual matter; (music, graphic, web and video) about the notions of noise, interference, conspiracy, scrambling and disrupted informations, for create some noise and abstraction. I created graphic artworks and posters, videos, sound installations and performances, musical compositions and albums. I work about our current events, information and media, about mythology, the Old Testament, or history.

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Alejandro Thornton
Alessandra Armenise
Alice Haraway
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