MARISOL MAZA (Mx), Ciudad Temporal / Storming City, 2014

At different times of the urban territory is adjusted by generating new forms of organization where stress points, control and resistance are constantly redefined. With work and economic crisis in large cities the occupation of the street, for commercial purposes has become possible space. Spaces of temporary occupation resulting from the crisis between the territorial space between control and freedom, between domination and resistance. This series of photos is in street trade occupations.

Marisol Maza was born in Mexico in 1979. Lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. Master in Visual Arts by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. He works as an artist doing photography, video and urban intervention regularly since 2005. Major exhibitions / Historical events:
Mula art, Laboratorio de producción, Bellas Artes Center, Ateneo de Maracaibo / Maracaibo, Venezuela, 2015_;
To pasar hilo, Exposición of Residencia Ciudad de Cruces, No Place Gallery / Quito, Ecuador, 2014_;
Nanofestival, Gallery Art x Art / Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013_
Intimate Space Project, Youth Olympic Village / Vienna, Austria, 2012;

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Carolina Rodriguez
Dan MacCormack
Danny Bittencourt
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Gracia Dubé
Guilherme Ferreira
Hanae Mura
Joeser Alvarez
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Livia Auler
Marisol Maza
Paolo Vergnano
Pit Kinzer
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