LÍVIA AULER (Br), Look, 2013

The photograph is part of a project called "Nature observes that" where the artist seeks beings of nature that have traits that are related to the eyes or a face.

Livia Bittencourt Auler was born in San Angelo, RS, Brazil, in 1990.
Lives and works in Porto Alegre (Brazil). She graduated in journalism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul works photo regularly since 2010.
Major exhibitions / Historical events:
Solo exhibition "hot nights, cold days", Porto Alegre and Santo Angelo, RS, Brazil, 2012; Solo exhibition "On routes and trails," St. Angelo, RS, Brazil, 2013; Projections night rehearsal "one I just" in the following festivals: FestFoto POA, Cinnamon Photo Workshops, Tiradentes Photography Festival and PhotoWeek Curitiba, Brazil, 2013/2014; Launch of the book and photographic exhibition "Faces of the Missions," St. Angelo and San Miguel Mission, RS, Brazil, in 2014.

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