JOSÉ LUIS DE LA PARRA (Es), Backstage, 2011-15

Caesar defeated the galos
¿Did he not even carry a cook whith him?
Felipe II cried when his fleet sunk.
¿Did nobody else cry? One cuestion for each story.

Bertold Brecht

We live in a world marked by show. Debord and Habermas have already vaticinated.
Our collective and personal identity is built starling from the interpretative fictions that the media and our surrounding provide us.
And within that chain of information, the large public events, sport, festive and cultural have a predominant role.
But all of this productions have a backstage, a rear side, a group of wickers that make It all possible.
These photos are part of a series which depict concrete moments of diverse exhibition mountings.
In them we appreciate the skeletons of the unfinished architectures, working utensils and production residues. Human presence is not evident but his trail is. Here it is not about documenting but to put in value, reveal, backstage, interstices of and “opus” which is still potencial. It Hill the come the opening, the social program and the shows fanfare.
This series is taking in mountings in centres of art but as well could be theaters, wedding banquet kitchens, laundries at hospitals... And why not? Chains of production, greenhouses, and alleys that is the wickers of our world of fiction.

José Luis de la Parra was born in Valladolid, Spain in 1975. Lives and works in Madrid. Photography degree by EFTI. Exhibits regularly since 2008.
Major exhibitions:

International Visual Art Contest "Obra Abierta",Caja Extremadura Foundation, Plasencia, 2014; 49th International Art Contest of Pollenca, Mallorca, 2014;PhotoEspacioOculto. Madrid
, 2014.

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