JANNEKE MEEKES (Pl), Day in, day out, 2015

Day In Day Out visualises the everyday routines of life and shows them in abstract animated compositions. The repeating patterns of movement and materials creating a mechanical vibe while the background indicates the time passing. 

Janneke Meekes a.k.a. Forte//Blonde (1985) is a Rotterdam ,the Netherlands, based artist. 
With her graduation film Versus (2012, 02:23min) she has explored abstract animation for the first time. Now she's created her first independent short film called Day In Day Out (2015, 01:12min).
Janneke works as an independent animator and illustrator. Her work is inspired by daily life and the place of humankind within the cosmos. Within her work experiment has the main focus.

Filmography: Day In Day Out, 01:12, abstract animation, mixed media, 2015; Versus, 02:23, Graduation Film, mixed media, Willem de Kooning Academy, 2012.

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