HANAE MURA (Br), HIiroshima, mon amour - A Rosa, 2014/15

Photos of performance-based tribute to the victims of World War II on his 50th birthday. Text read in English and Portuguese real testimonials from soldiers and victims of the Second War, followed by Mp3 - song "The Rose of Hiroshima" the Brazilian composer Vinicius de Moraes.
Project Description
At this time, the artist brings a testimony about the wars, through the episode of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima.
The images are of her dancing which is a mixture of Butoh (Japanese dance performance) with modern dance (Martha Graham), you feel the pain and anguish of war developments through beautiful movements with a red silk cloth that recalls the nuclear bomb that has the form of a red rose in the sky of Hiroshima.
This Butoh dance can also have taiko drums, depending on the place where the performance will be.
The concept of performance was in snow, Colorado Pine Forest (USA) with a white wedding Japanese kimono. The butoh dance brings both your dark side as the light. The mad dance with the cloth and red gas mask is the explosion of a bomb and fragmentation / madness of man, and then follows the union of opposite sides, the process of individualization of Self, through dance wedding kimono.
Chaos and defragmentation walk towards peace and harmony, and return to chaos, cyclically.

Hanae Mura was born in São Paulo, Brasil in 1976. Lives and works in Rio January / Brazil. Graduate in Arquithecture by FAU-USP.
Major exhibitions / Historical events: FilaAC - Marta Traba Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2014; Art Depot - Gallery, Colorado, USA, 2015; Feast of Senses - Performance, Colorado, USA, 2015.

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