FREDERIC DAUBAGNA (Fr), Eternal Sunset, 2014

Observing the Twitter timeline with #Paris, we have seen the sun setting in real time close to the Arc de Triomphe ... Reflecting some more, it appears obvious that our solar star was going down everywhere on earth. The sun never lies down, the earth spins on it axis and this explains why we have the feeling that the sun is setting down. This is the process witch led me to the idea of watching a permanent sunset - Eternal Sunset - on my TV. The social networks become messengers of this interaction between men and this perpetual movement. Eternal Sunset is a participative work evolving with every minute rotations of earth, and the works evolves constantly.

Frederic Daubagna born in Toulouse / France in 1965. Lives and Works in Toulouse / France. Is DNAP Ecole des Beaux arts, Toulouse. Graphic designer / creative technologist.

Alinta Krauth
Daniel Von
Ewa Doroszensko
Frederic Daubagna
Osvaldo Cibils / Florella Alberti
Sarah Janssen
Vibeke Bertelsen