FRANCESCA FINI (It), A love letter, 2014

From the microcosm of those objects and foods that are found in all Italian kitchens, which are a counterpoint to our everyday life and what really characterize us as a people, starts a reflection on the macrocosm of the ideals upon which our lives should be set . The four articles of the Italian Constitution that I consider most important are rebuilt with the gestures of everyday life, in an ironic allusion to the implicit daily betrayal of these values that happens elsewhere and away from us.

Francesca Fini was born in Rome, Italy, in 1970. Lives and Works in Rome. Is bachelor in design by IED. Works on video, performance and digital art regularly since 2000. Major exhibitions / events: Venice Performance Art Week, Venice, Italy, 2012; FAD, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, 2012; Cyberfest, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2012; FILE, Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2012.

Adrian Regnier
Albino Guimarães
Alejandro Thornton
Alessandra Armenise
Alice Haraway
Anna Baranska
Anna Nat
Azul Petroleo
Christoph Oertli
Clara Aparicio Yoldi
Diego Fiori
Francesca Finni
Franck Perrot
François Knoetze
Iria Arriaga
Jacek Doroszenko
Jacob J. Podber
Janneke Meekes
Jennida Chase
Justin Lincoln
Konstantinos Rizos
La Intrusa
Lauren Franklin
Lea Vidakovic
Marcello Sahea
Margarita Novikova
Mark Tholander
Martin Smatena
Max Paskine
Melancholy Maaret
Michael Gaddini
Mike Celona
Minkyung Choi
Mike Peterson
Nicole Romanitan
Rita Ruivo
Salvatore Insana
Sangjun Yoo
Sarah Jansen
Silvia Degennaro
Tessa Garland
Tiziano Bellomi