ERIN LEE (NZ), Photographic collage, 2014

This project was a study of the female body, shapes and colours. Experimenting with traditional analogue techniques and modern post production work. The multiple exposures were created in camera and later the pastel colours added.

Erin Lee born in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1985. Lives and Works in Mexico City, Mexico. Degree in Professional Photography by the School of Arts and Design CPIT.. Exhibits Photography since (year) 2012. Major exhibitions / events: Artists Exposures, Melbourne, Australia, 2012; Bushwick Residential, Slideluck, Brooklyn, NYC, USA, 2013; Secuestro Visual, Bogotá, Colombia 2015 4. Fenomeno43, Puebla, Mexico, 2015

Benvinda Araújo
Carolina Rodriguez
Dan MacCormack
Danny Bittencourt
Erin Lee
Gilles Valée
Gracia Dubé
Guilherme Ferreira
Hanae Mura
Joeser Alvarez
Jonathan Johnson
José Luis de la Parra
Livia Auler
Marisol Maza
Paolo Vergnano
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