DANNI BITTENCOURT (Br), Um segundo depois / One second after, 2014

This essay was motivated by the sense of the second after the request.
Many people still use the sail to make their requests when it goes off, that leaves smoke and trace.
Interpreter: Catharina Tell

Danni Bittencourt was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1987. He lives and works in Porto Alegre / Brazil. It is graduated in Photography and Master in Education from ULBRA (Lutheran University of Brazil). Exposes his work with artistic photography since 2009. Major exhibitions / Historical events:
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Contemporany Venice / Venice-Italy / Palazzo Flangini / 2015; Art + Art Visions of Liberty / Porto Alegre-Brazil / Memorial in Rio Grande do Sul / 2014; Contrast / Porto Alegre-Brazil / La Galeria Photo / 2013; Mithos / Porto Alegre-Brazil / Cultural 512/2015;

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