DANIEL VON (Br), Beijing Remix, 2014

This project was undertaken with the goal of bringing the ambience and feel of a big city of China to the Web environment. For this you use a mix of street photography, sound, audio, gifs, video building the desired atmosphere.
It is a project that aporpia of tumbr platform as sensory experimentation space, the protocol http: // as an environment beyond the screen.

Daniel von Atzingen Lledó was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1990. He lives and works in São Paulo. He graduated in Social Communication for the Puc Campinas / Brazil. Performs photographic projects and multi-media regularly since 2010.
Major exhibitions / Historical events:
Gallery 11/16 Campinas / Brazil (photo) 2011; Collective Fuzz Campinas / Brazil (photo) 2011-2013; Public Projections Selva SP // São Paulo, 2014.

Alinta Krauth
Daniel Von
Ewa Doroszensko
Frederic Daubagna
Osvaldo Cibils / Florella Alberti
Sarah Janssen
Vibeke Bertelsen