CAROLINA RODRIGUEZ (Ar), Elections, 2014

They stare at us , embrace us, always smiling. Feeling with us ... for us.
Being a candidate is acting out  a character that has been constructed. Looking  like a president; a governor; a suitable candidate, more than being one. "Elections" shows the brightness of the appearance, what we need to see in  them: their eternal smile, that  gesture saying that everything will be allright...over and over again. After all, that glitter  we want to see in them is nothing more than a reflection of our whishes and  uncertainties. "Elections" is a series produced between 2011 and 2014 covering several elections held in  Argentina, as a documentation of campaign posters, poses and messages in political propaganda. This series  has been reworked  showing the different stages that we have gone through, every time.
The approach to the texture and its decomposition, reveals the  deterioration  of the images and political messages at election time.

Carolina Rodriguez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1973  Live and Work in Buenos Aires,  I have  a graphic designer degree from the Escuela Panamericana de Diseño y Publicidad in 1996 and I studied photography with Eduardo Gil and in the Foto Club Buenos Aires. I studied, also,  the subjects of visual language and pre-Columbian art at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (FILO, UBA University of Buenos Aires).
At the present  i´m taking a workshop with the argentinian photographer Julieta Escardó .
-2008 Exposition of the photographic series "The Beach" in "Desde la Plástica " gallery.
-2010 Participation in the "Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor" (a photo book fair) with the photo book "Camarao" -2012 Participation in the "Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor" (a photo book fair) with the photobook "Elections" held in Lima as part of the Biennal of Photography of that city and in the same year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Right now I´m working doing pre-press work and photo retouching in  the argentinian newspaper "Clarín".

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