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Vanja Mervi?, (Slo), 2013
DADAMantra - suite in 7 acts, Web Art

Sound installation composed of five most widely spread world religions and its main prayers: Christianity, Islam, Jewish, Buddhism and Hinduism. I have cut up the most important religious texts from each religion. Afterwards I have put them into seven separate pieces picking words by chance. In creating a new prayer –DADAMantra I used aleatory method of creating an artefact, referring to Tristan Tzara, who used this method for writing poetry in the twenties of previous century. New prayer is recited by a computer generated voice and read by a computer program. All emotiveness is thus deprived from the interpretation. Each of the seven prayers are intended for seven days of the week.

Vanja Mervi? born in Koper, Slovenija  in 1973. Lives and Works in Nova Gorica, Slovenija. Master  in  video and new media  by ALUO, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Exhibits / works at the level of multimedia, intermedia, video and instalation regularly since 2005. Major exhibitions / events:
GEODE, curated by Alice Ginaldi, progetto di Laura Santamaria, Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale sala Dogana, Genova, Italy, 2012; Mnemonic Mirrors, gallery SC, curated by  Narvika Bovcon e Aleš Vaupoti? e Dominic Mahni?, Zagreb, 2012; XIII BIENAL INTERGRAF ALPE ADRIA-CARTA COLORE, curated by Centro fruilano arti plastiche,for Slovenija Nedeljko Pe?anac and Božidar Zrinski, Villa Manin, Passariano, Italy, 2012; Literatura in gibljive slike / Literature and Moving Images –Met kock/ un coup de des" 11. mednarodni komparativisti?ni kolokvij       11th International Comparative Literature Colloquium, Vilenica 2013, curated by Narvika Bovcon e Aleš Vaupoti?, Koper, Slovenia, 2013.