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Stefan Riebel, 2006-12
Black Pictures, Web Art

Black Pictures touches the fundamental questions and possibilities of photography. The photography act itself will be tested towards the actual possibility of compiing representables of reality. It will be further tested if besides information of light basic data like time, humidity and so on could be illustrable. The camera is diverted from its intented use and becomes a recorder for all circunstances but light.

Stefen Riebel is Born in Halle / Saale in 1982. 1999-2000 Living in the USA / High-School Diploma. 2003-05 Studies Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, with focus on photography with Prof. Gosbert Adler and sculpture with Prof. Bernhard Garbert. 2005-06 Basic studies in Media Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig with Prof. Christin Lahr. Since 2006 at the Class of Installation and Space with Prof. Joachim Blank. Since 2008 at the Class of Mass Media Research and Art in Public Media Space with Prof. Günther Selichar. 2007-08 Tutor at the class of Prof. Günther Selichar at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. 2009 Studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, with focus on sculpture with Prof. Villu Jaanisoo. 2010 Diploma at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig.

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