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Pablo Rosero, 2011
~ Liv, Web Art

The ~ Liv project propose a coexistence between the sound and the visual object starting from the premise of the no-dialogue with both languages and availing through the many different ways  to make meanings with the relations and conflicts that can be find experimenting with the superposition of this two worlds.
~ Liv concentrated the energy for create an object compound, where the time of each language run for a moments in different velocities seeking an audio-visual counterpoint texture and another times, both languages are absolutely synchronized. The shapes and meshes from the visuals derived by a musical thought and be in relations with the sound spectrum of all the music propose; the brightness, saturation, light and movement from the visuals correspond to another parameters of the sound, in general with the intensity of music environment, level values and the rhythmical elements. Once the relations are implanted in the meaning of the work there are breaking deliberately for keeping a sustainable control with the randomness, thus allowing in a live situation more dynamism.

Pablo Rosero was born in Quito, Ecuador. In 1985. Lives and Works in Quito/Ecuador. Is Degree  in Contemporary music composition, Digital music composition and a classical piano degree course in  Franz Lizst Conservatory of music (Quito, Ecuador), and Sonica “Electronic school of music ( Buenos Aires, Argentina).  He made performances in: “Festival Mes Fraz Liszt” 2009-2010(ECU), “Encuentro de arte sonoro Tsonami 2011”(ARG), “Festival MicroSonica 2011”(ARG), with the electronic experimental band “Detractores de la Armonía” in  the “Festival de BrutArt”, many ocations(ARG), as an integrate of the laptop orchestra “Laptork”  “Conciertos en el Limbo”(ARG), in the “Festival MicroSonica 2011”(ARG).
Major exhibitions / events:

- Festival Sonica, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011;
- Video Bites03 - Let the music play, Berlin, Germany, 2012;
- Rosero Art Gallery, Quito, Ecuador, 2012.

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