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Kaya Barry, 2011
Expansion Series, Net Art

Exploring the constant movements endured by expansion joints, this interactive net-artwork uses a visual survey of high-volume pedestrian areas to investigate the relationship between the participant’s orientation and interaction with these uniquely engineered structures. The first two sites of investigation are the Millennium bridge in London and the Kurilpa bridge in Brisbane. By fabricating expected movements of the expansion joints in visual representations, the artwork makes assumptions about how these joints facilitate movement and orientation between human participants and the structure.

Kaya Barry, born in Australia. Lives and Works in Brisbane, Australia. Is currently completeing a PhD in Creative Arts at Deakin University. Kaya works in new media and installtation art. Major exhibitions / events:
- Regular online new media artworks hosted on her website kaya.com.au;
- Solo Exhibition ‘Movement in Structure’ at Brisbane Powerhouse in 2007.

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