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Antoine Schmidt, 2011
ACTORWEAR, Web + public space

ACTORWEAR is a distributed participative artwork base on a line of clothing that all disply the word ACTOR in large capital letters on black background, on the front and on the back like FBI or POLICE jackets. The artwork is activated when such garment is worn in normal public life. They transform their wearer into an actual actor in the eyes of those who see him or her, wich asserts the idea of a written and programmed nature of their actions and of reality, and leads to questionings of metaphysical, psychological, aesthetical, social and political nature.

Antoine Schmidt was born in Strasbourg, france, in 1961. He lives and works in Paris, France. Is a autodidact artist and programming engineer from Telecom Paris (since 1984). Exhibits regularly since 1995.
Major exhibitions / events:

- Fêtes des Lumières, Lyon, france, 2011;
- New Forms Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 2011;
- Augmented Senses, Shenzhen, China, 2011;
- eXIT Festival, Créteil, France, 2011.

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