11 - 26 December 2010

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Viral Symphony by Joseph Nechvatal

Fiction Artist Project
Fonlad 6 Years
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Mis?... Mis!... (artvideoKOELN)

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With the result of new technologies and communication facilities that they were given to artists, it became easier to send works to festivals and biennials worldwide. But from this facility come a reverse: who ensures receipt / security of the works sent?

In first hand we trust in the organization of these called events. We expect from them to accomplish what they promise. But what if it is nothing more than a scam? And if the call Festival / Biennial does not exist? What happens to the works submitted by the artists?

Several situations could be presented. Explotation, blackmail, robbery, etc.

As an artist and art producer this subject is very important. There so, I conceived this art project to try to answer some questions and present new ones.

The festival assumed it self as a work of art (focusing on lies, deceit and falsehood) reveals its largest facet: the lie itself. This "festival" only existed in the artists will, in the proposals released and now on the memories shared by this project that never was.

The illusion, the appearance of reality are unique and peculiar to the work of art. Through it, we can enter into imaginary worlds that otherwise we could not even dream. It is the dream that drives the life on and art allows us to forget our truest condition. To dream is to go beyond death, beyond reality. Beyond existence...

"Art is an appearance that reflects another, with the intention of telling the truth" (France Farago).

José Vieira

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