Artemiidae, Soltar la gota y verla caer, performance and real-time video

“Artemiidae, Soltar la gota y verla caer”, performance and real-time video, 2012
This piece allows observe an amplified brine shrimp in a large format projection or in a computer screen, and interact with a button that triggers the fall of a chlorine drop on the brine shrimp,
thereby initiating a performance towards the death that executes the specimen.
Every time a brine shrimp died, the author picked up the corpse and in the same unit, placed a new one, alive, thereby gave the opportunity to another viewer for pressing the button and so on.

Victor Mancilla is a designer, finishing a master's degree in visual arts, creator of interrelated projects, where technology is interlaced with spirituality, embodied through the concept of the word "live".
Mancilla creates projects where experiments with various substances such as programming and direct observation of small living creatures like ants and seamonkeys. Currently creating projects and stressing in their research processes.

Alan Bigelow
Barry Smylie
Cristina Pavesi
Jason Nelson
Jing Zhou
Jody Zellen
Kaya Barry
Luigia Cardarelli
P. Whittenberger
Victor Mancilla