4 Square, Web site and iPad app

4 Square is an artwork that creates random juxtapositions of four different elements. Tapping in the app or clicking in the website, each square changes the images. In the app one can also grag the squares to change their positions.

Jody Zellen was born in Boston, MA in1961.She Lives and Works in (Los Angeles, CA).
She has an MFA CalArts, Valenica, CA and an MPS from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. She has been exhibiting her netart, interactive installations and other works since 1990. Her interactive installations include "The Unemployed" a data visualization at Disseny Hub Museum (Barcelona, 2011), "The Blackest Spot," (Fringe Exhibitions, Los Angeles, 2008), and "Trigger" (Pace University, New York, 2005).

Her net art projects are "Spine Sonnet," 2011 (commissioned by LACMA), "Lines of Life," ( 2010 (commissioned by, "Without A Trace," ( 2009 (commissioned by Other net art projects include "Ghost City" ( an ever changing poetic meditation on the urban environment,,, and
Recently she has been making iPhone/iPad apps. Her four apps “Urban Rhythms,” “Spine Sonnet,” “Art Swipe” and "4 Square" are available for free in the App Store.

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